February 15, 2010My first gay anal creampie

My First Gay Anal Creampie, And Not My Last.

I’ve been gay for a long time, but just recently started letting guys fuck me hard in my asshole. My favorite is gay anal bareback, because I hate the feeling of fake ass rubber condoms that do nothing but irritate my asshole and make sex boring. I love having my ass hole stuffed with a thick, throbbing cock that stretches me out and pushes its way deep inside of me. You can imagine yourself fucking me, sliding your dick deep inside of me and pumping hard all the way up until you’re ready to cum. Then you’ll ask me if I want you to pull your cock out of my asshole so you can blow your wad, and I tell you no. Why do I like having hot cum shot into my asshole? I love the feeling of it. I love feeling you cum inside of me and something I love even more is when I show off my new gay anal creampie, pushing it out of my ass and letting it drip onto the bed or run down my ass cheek or wherever it decides to go. I know you want this asshole, and you can think about it even more by coming to my site where you can see more of my gay anal sex photos and pictures which show the creampies I’ve gotten and much, much more!

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Author: Juan